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Memories and current activities from Liverpool’s Retired Merchant Seafarers.

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  1. I am the Volunteer Manager for the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society. The Daniel Adamson (the Danny) is the last remaining steam powered, passenger carrying, tug tender in the UK and she has been lovingly restored by a team of dedicated volunteers.

    In April the Danny will begin her first full season of sailing which will mainly be along the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Weaver as well as opening to the public at Ellesmere Port, the Albert Dock and Salford Quays. She is crewed/staffed by volunteers and I was wondering whether any of your members would be interested in any of our volunteer positions. We are looking for skippers, stewards, chief engineers, assistant engineers, firemen, trimmers and deck crew.

    If anyone is interested then please either go to http://www.thedanny.co.uk and download our application form and role descriptions, email me for further info on volunteering@danieladamson.co.uk or ring me on 07983 653692 (Wed, Thurs or Fri)



  2. PopsH says:

    Can any one help … one of my family ..Ethel Hammett was a nurse on the Blue Funnel line in the 1920/30’s, would she have needed to hold a merchant marine ticket, and can any one suggest how I could trace her. Many thank in advance Peter Hammett in UK

  3. Hello I’m trying to gather information about my dads ships he sailed on when he was in the Merchant Navy, sailing out of liverpool , I’ve managed to get a picture of a ship he sailed on to Austrailia i believe was called ” Helenus” My Dads Name was John Rossiter, he sailed Threw the Suez canal threw the china sea and to aussie land, I’ve seen another ship that looks identical to this ship nut its name is different. i would be really grateful if anyone could help me find some info and history on this ship.

    • mydad also sailed on tin the 50’s and 60’she blue funnel boats in the 0’s and 60’s he belongs 2 the blue funnel association u may get some info from them. i never chk my e-mail but am on facebook moost days send friend request

  4. al53amazon says:

    I am a X coal burning fireman and sailed out of Liverpool on three coal burners as well as the Cunard(Ascania) Harrisons (Settler) C P R (Scotland and Canada)Holder Bros (Ledbury)Blue Star (Imperial Star)Booths (Hilary) also coasters for Savages Everads. I was involved in a life saving incident in the Amazon . I am a member of The Eldonians retired seamens club and have yet to find another coal burning fireman to swop a few yarns with,anybody out there??? Albert Martin

  5. Nigel says:

    Hi started o a R f A ship then on the empress Canada till she was sold the 6 ships the word was a tank called the Elobo a shell tanker finishing on Po liners. Stated of at the indefatigable with Capta Wade purser was Mf Snape Pe instructed was a Mr Willams he had a beared

  6. neville says:

    I,m a bit late in replying , I may have many memories of my sea days and growing up in Liverpool 1938 to 1965 ,10 years in the merchant navy on 21 ships 11 cargo boats and 10 liners , then emigrated to NYC spent the next 21 years there .am now in central florida .have 3 kids and 8 grandkids . and me and the wife love to go cruising on the ships out of port Canaveral.

  7. Allen Jones says:

    Like Ian I came across the “Empress of Ireland” report in the Maritime Museum in Victoria, BC, Canada. I have had a lifelong interest in shipping having been brought up in Bootle. On leaving school I went to sea working for Ellerman and Pappayani out of Hornby dock. Later sailed for Johnson and Warren and Athol tankers. I left seafaring and joined the army serving in an armoured regiment. After leaving the army I moved to New Zealand. That was in 1965 and now in my 70s I still have a major interest in both ships and Bootle history. At present I am reading a library book “The real Cruel Sea”. This is a must for anyone who has family history in seagoing and is (in my opinion)the definitive book on WW2s battle of the Atlantic.

  8. Empress says:

    My name is Ian Kinder and I have been researching the Empress of Ireland and the Empress of Britain for the last 25 years. Currently I have just returned from Victoria B.C. for the Memorial Services for the Empress of Ireland. While I was there I was approached by several descendants who had relatives aboard the Empress of Ireland on May 29th, 1914, if I could find any more information about their love ones, whether they had survived or perished.

    I was discussing this with several of my friends that we should start to try and contact as many people who had relatives on the Empress. In the group we are historian, authors and archeologist would want to do research with any family member to find out as much as we can about their relative. Eventually we would like to see this information given to all participants and to be given to several museums to be preserved.

    I saw your web site after I saw your video that had been recently made about the services for the Empress of Ireland and the descendants who were showing their respect after 100 years. I knew that I had to write and ask if there is any way we can connect with those family members and others, before the information slowly fades away.


    Ian Kinder

  9. neville roberts says:

    I just found this site through an EM of an old shipmate . I was at sea out of l,pool from 1955 to 1965 on 11 cargo boats and 10 liners

    • admin says:

      HI Neville – apologies – we’ve only recently started the site and somehow missed your comment. Do you have any stories you would like to share?

  10. Brian Johnson says:

    A long overdue site that should become popular. I have fond memories of my teenage years wandering around the docks, looking at and around ships.

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