The Indefatigable

Training Ship Indefatigable was a British training school for boys intending to join the Royal Navy or the Merchant Navy.

Until the middle of the nineteenth century the British Merchant Navy had no recognized training schools for boys entering the service. Education consisted of boys about 15 years old going to sea “to be led, guided, bullied and socialized into the culture of the sea”. There was no distinction between training for AB, and the training of future masters. Through experience it was possible to rise to the position of Master without any formal training. Beginning in the mid- nineteenth century various forms of navigational and seamanship schools were created to remedy the problem.

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Also – see the Old Boys Association.

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  1. Richard Massey says:

    I was an Indie Boy 1950 to 1952,this school gave me the training that set me up for my years at sea, Peggy with Blue funnel Line 1952, ships master in 1960,
    This I put down to the results of the training and learning to respect other humans,
    sailing many types of ships, then for pleasure in later life,
    only coming ashore permantly in late 2012, the Indie was tough in my time there,with mainly royal navy disaplin , but no regrets ,
    if only , the young seafarer’s of today were able to have just some of that training, today our seafarer’s are a different breed, and need to be to now match the tecnolergie of todays ships,
    My rope work and sail kneedle work all started at the Indie, not Happy days at times,, but proof of it all was my progress, best wishes to indie boys Dick

  2. What Rubish. says:

    I am not able to put in to words first how glad I am the place has closed down, May be it has something to do with what went on there! If it was still I would of done something about it long before now! I went through hell, both mental & Physical constantly night & day living in worry and total concern for my safety & Well being. I should of said something at the time.

  3. Tom Roberts No 26 Raleigh 1953 54 says:

    Proud to be an Inde lad stood me in good stead for life and all it can throw at me

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