Albion House – White Star and Blue Star Line HQ

Today, I popped down to Albion House, or the White Star Building, which was open 10am – 1pm to the public, to allow people to have a look around the before refurbishment place takes place as it transforms into a new apartment hotel. You can read about that here. Access was limited to one room, and there were plenty of crowds, but it was well worth going to.

The great hall,seen in the video above has been cleared of all partitions for the first time in decades. Great to see the building coming back to life.

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  1. Phil Bailey says:

    I’m Dave Bradshaw’s friend who you were talking to in the queue to get into Albion House. Like Dave I’ve just been looking at the video and photos you took at the event and very impressive they are too.
    It was really interesting to talk to you about everything and so I too have signed up for your newsletter. Before we met and spoke to you I didn’t know that such an organisation existed, so I’m really looking forward now to reading about your organisation activities. I am, like Dave, very interested in history and everything that makes Liverpool such a great city.
    Hopefully we will meet again soon.

  2. Sandy Felton says:

    I often went I into this building as a child in the 1950s as my father went to sea and was employed by the PSNC who had their offices here at that time. I remember it as a lovely building. Will definitely stay in the hotel when open.

  3. Dave Bradshaw says:

    Whilst waiting to get into Albion House today we had a very interesting conversation with you.
    I have just viewed video and pictures of today and noticed that you had captured video of my friend and I talking by the window and also a a picture of myself checking the wood on the floor.
    I will be signing up to the website. I am very interested in the history of the port of Liverpool and the many ships that have made Liverpool a great city.
    Hope to see you again.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave – yes, good to talk to you. Was worth going to see the building today, although, I don’t think they were expecting quite so many crowds. Thanks for subscribing and keep in touch.

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