The Indefatigable 150th Celebration

Footage from this weekend’s special celebrations in Anglesey.

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  1. stevie bates says:

    Hi! I attended T.R.S.S, Indefatigable between 1966 – 1968 and I`ve just stumbled on your website. It brought back many good (and some not so good – I was in the punishment book often!)
    Great films to watch – Thank You for the memories

  2. willjones says:

    Hi to all Inde old boys, I was at the Inde in 1963 Leading boy Jones No2, Drake Division. At this time Captain Irvine was co and Chieff Officer was Mr Wade, other officers that I can remember were, Mr Davies , Weepy Robert, Mr Nellson, there was the old bosun from the village and the cook who always served duff and custard (uch). One of my friends at the time was a chap from Poters Bar, North London, his name is Clive Ellis. Does anyone remember these times ?. There was another mate called Dave Davis and another called John from Holyhead. There was a chap from Liverpool called Paul Westman, and Spud O,Sullivan. It would be great to hear from any from the time. best regards to all Will Jones

  3. Tom Keyes says:

    What a superb piece of filming, all adding to the history of the Indefatigable. The entire weekend was absolutely superb, so a special thank you to Tim Brunsdon for capturing the day and the historic event. The organisation was excellent and a credit to the organisers, especially Elaine Humphries and her husband Steve.
    Long live The Indefatigable OBA.

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