Battle of the Atlantic Memories is a specially commissioned film to document the 70th anniversary commemorations in Liverpool, with surviving Royal Navy and Merchant Navy veterans of the Battle of the Atlantic campaign. The film is a unique project documenting the reunions, the ceremonial and the personal. Liverpool plays host to an emotional, poignant and timely record of a historic event.

Produced by Tim Brunsden and Gary Everett.

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  1. John Richardson says:

    I was on the Sekondi as a JOS from March 54 until December, what a dreadful ship, rolled like nothing on earth and was so hungry we went on our Board of Trade scale to get better. I left my last ship in 1990. JR

    • Nick Pelling says:

      Hi John,

      Is there any way I can contact you directly? I have a specific question about the Atlantis and the Tirranna that wasn’t quite covered in your thoroughly splendid “Victims of the Atlantis” book.

      Thanks and best regards, Nick Pelling

  2. Edward (Ted) Rogers says:

    Are there any shipmates out there? I have managed to contact Wilf Palmer who was the cook on the Alfred Jones.He is now living in Birmingham and cannot walk far. There must be other shipmates of Elder Dempster’s in Liverpool area now. Who are they? Let us contact each other. Ted Rogers

  3. Edward (Ted) Rogers says:

    I also attended the wonderful celebrations in Liverpool. I was a cadet with Elder Dempster Lines from 1941. My first ship was MV Alfred Jones which was torpedoed off West Africa in June 1941. We were in the lifeboats for 4 days and eventually made it to Freetown in our boat. Then I sailed all over the world in convoys and independently.Full details are in my Memoirs.
    I qualified as 3rd Mate and stayed on till demo in 1946. Then I joined the Catholic priesthood and was later sent out to Africa as a missionary.I have been back in retirement in UK for 3 years and am living in Boscombe, Bournemouth. My 90th birthday is next month. Ted Rogers.

  4. Lou Barron says:

    Thank you for the video as matter of fact i was there for that Anniversary.
    I was a ex MN veteran I went to sea in December 1940 served on the Duchess of Bedford till April 1942 i then joined the Gloucester Castle and on the 15th July was was sunk my the German Raider Michelin the South Atlantic .
    I was a survivor andwas passed over to the Japanese and end up in Changi Jail.
    I was on the SS Monawai and landed at the Pier Head on the 9th October1945

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