Edward Bolton

A few tales from Eddie from the new memoir he’s just written ‘Ocean Nomad’, covering his 53 years at sea.

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  1. johncassidy says:

    hi eddie,love to get a copy o your book,it is a great pleasure and honour to have known you pal god bless the Cassidy twins

  2. Maritimemike says:

    Great To see you relaxed and reliving the moments ‘at sea’ ..we had some good trips together Eddie too…as you say..one of the best education processes you can achieve
    Mike Barber..MUA here Stay…though struggling right now in Aussie

  3. Eddie says:

    Thank you glad you enjoyed it a lot of the stories are in the book along with every ship I was on all the best dave and Allan

  4. Allen Jones says:

    Eddie. Enjoyed your commentary on life at sea. Its great to see you put words to paper. This is real life committed to history. Many thanks from New Zealand.

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